It’s possible that you’ve seen them on the road from time to time. They are relatively large trucks with strange looking containers and hose systems in the back, and they are often summoned to help with drainage issues or to dig up the ground on certain properties where a more careful or potent excavation solution might be needed. They’re called vacuum trucks or vacuum tankers.

A vacuum truck is an essential tool used for hydro excavation and many other important services. Whether you’re having problems with your property’s drainage system, you need to identify unknown utility lines underground, or you have to get rid of a sewage problem, a vacuum truck can be one of the handiest and most useful tools you can have at your disposal.

The Fascinating Physics Behind Vacuum Trucks

To understand the full potential of what a vacuum truck can do, it’s essential that you know more about how they are constructed and how they work.

A vacuum truck is essentially a truck that has a large tank in the back, fitted with a system that can produce a vacuum within the tank. The negative pressure created by the vacuum can then be used for moving water, dirt and debris with relative ease. After the powerful pump of a vacuum truck is used to remove the air from the tank, a primary and secondary shutoff valve is open on the suction hoses. Once that happens, the pressure will seek to be equalized, and the hose can be directed to suck in various liquids and any sludge that you’ll need the vacuum truck service to remove from the premises.

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Services That Utilize Vacuum Trucks

Because of the unique construction and function of vacuum trucks, they can be used to facilitate a variety of useful services:

  • Vacuum trucks can be used for excavation and the removal of debris after completing various drilling jobs.
  • They can clear mud and dirt and expose utility lines that have been hidden underground without damaging them.
  • They’re also able to prevent sewer system overloads by removing a great amount of the excess sewage in areas where repairs to the system are needed.
  • A vacuum truck service company can be used for industrial and municipal projects where they can suction leftover sludge and water following the completion of a hydro excavation service.
  • You can also employ a hydrovac and vacuum truck service for difficult drilling jobs, waste management and environmental cleanup.

Should You Hire a Hydrovac Service?

Of course, not everyone has a fully functional and well-designed vacuum truck just lying around in their back yard. In most cases, homeowners and business owners who require the services listed above need to hire a dependable hydrovac service to gain access to a proper vacuum tanker to take care of their needs.

While you could also rent out a vacuum truck, most experts are of the opinion that the steep learning curve in figuring out how to use it properly, the risk of damaging its systems (or your property) and the added effort of using the truck yourself simply isn’t worth the small amount you’d be saving. It’s far better to call in a professional hydro excavation service and get the problem solved in record time without having to worry about any risks or challenges.

What Services Can a Vacuum Truck Provide?