Lower Fire Damage Risk Put Safety First

The number of domestic fires remains alarmingly high despite the authorities’ efforts to inform the people and make them more responsible. Statistics show that over 70% of fires occur in private homes, most often being the result of negligence, lack of attention or lack of information. A small part of the fires are caused by criminal intentions, but the most common causes are open fire, improvised or faulty electrical installations, smoking in inappropriate places, defective/ unclean chimneys or children playing with dangerous objects.

Simple rules to follow to lower the chance of fire in your home:

  • Periodic verification of the electrical system

Even when purchasing a newly built home, it is good to bring a fire damage Phoenix specialist to check the electrical system, although most customers are concerned only with the materials used in the construction of the building, and not with the quality of cables, sockets or electrical panels. In the case of old buildings, the systems can be decades old and only with the help of a specialist you can determine whether they are safe or not. If the electrician recommends changing the electrical system, you should invest in quality materials, plug sockets and extension cords with the possibility of power interruption (to protect the appliances). Also, you should insist on hiding cables through walls, although the costs can be slightly higher. Extended cables, scattered around the house, may seem inoffensive, but they can be damaged more easily, and the repairs required will be more expensive. Last but not least: even after a major repair, the electrical system should be checked on a yearly basis.

  • Increased attention to cigarettes, lighters, matches and candles

Improperly extinguished cigarettes have caused numerous damages, so smokers have to double their attention. Wood or plastic ashtrays are the most dangerous, so it is best to replace them with some made of glass or metal. Lighters or matches should not be available to children, or kept in sunlight. Also, the candles should not be placed near wooden objects, textile or paper materials and they should be continuously monitored and blown off before going to sleep or leaving the room.

  • The stove, fireplace and barbecue in the yard should not be left unattended

Invest in a quality stove and oven, to benefit from modern safety devices that automatically shut off the gas supply if the flame accidentally goes out or if the main supply is switched off. Otherwise, make sure to constantly monitors the flame.

Do not improvise, call a specialist to install gas appliances and make annual checkups. Also, when you leave the house, do not forget to turn off the appliances and the gas supply.

  • The fire extinguisher should not miss from any home

Portable fire extinguishers have become extremely accessible from a financial point of view, the offer starting very low for the most common types. They are small, easy to handle, lightweight and can be purchased from different stores, so you have no excuse if you don’t already have one at home. It is important to read the instructions and learn how to handle it before you need it. Moreover, it should be positioned in an easily accessible place, in the event of a fire.

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What To Do To Lower Chances Of Fire In My Home?