Water damage can affect any building and it comes in many forms. Water is an insidious element that can come with huge force or damage structures slowly, one drop at a time. While in some cases, water damage can be efficiently handled by the members of the household, in other cases, the best and safest way to proceed is to turn to a professional water mitigation company near me to remedy the problem. Here are some signs and situations that cannot be safely handled by homeowners on their own and require specialists.

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Flooding and Burst Pipes

If your home suffers water damage because of an unleashed force of nature, such as extremely heavy raining or a river leaving its bed or because of a fault of the plumbing system in your home, such as a burst pipe, the damage can be safely and efficiently remedied only by professionals. The rooms affected by the damage need to be completely emptied, then the walls and the floors affected need to be inspected by professionals to identify the wall and floor sections that can be salvaged and the ones that need to be removed. Your water damage restoration specialists will also look for signs of contamination – floods, rainwater and burst sewage pipes are dangerous not only for your assets and belongings, but for the health of everyone in the household. If the technicians find signs of contamination, they will remove everything that can pose a health risk, such as soaked flooring and drywall and they will make sure that not only the water built-ups, but anything that has come into contact with those built-ups is removed. A water mitigation company near me will also decontaminate the affected rooms and they will clean the air with special devices as well.

Signs of Mold

Mold is a problem caused by the proliferation of a fungus in damp and dark places and an issue that leads to not only unsightly spots on walls and floors, but to potential health risks, especially for people already suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory and dermatological affections. The most common places in homes that are affected by mold include the basement, the corners in bathrooms and kitchens, cabinets and closets, while the most common signs that indicate the presence of mold are dark colored spots and a musty odor.

While small areas affected by mold can be successfully cleaned with some soap or a disinfectant liquid, if the area is extended or if it affects multiple rooms, a DIY approach might not be sufficient. Extended mold is usually caused by a hidden issue that takes professionals to detect and to eliminate, therefore it is a good idea to call the experts. The restoration team will, first of all, inspect all the rooms in the house to figure what causes the damage and will make recommendations regarding the necessary repair. When the root cause has been eliminated, they will remove the mold either by cleaning it with special devices and substances or by removing the affected drywalls and flooring to ensure that there is no more fungus in your home.

What Do I Look for To See If I Need A Water Damage Restoration Specialist?