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Land surveyors are in charge of numerous important tasks related to real estate transactions as well as to real estate developments, including not only large-scale projects, but smaller ones as well, such as building a new warehouse for your company or getting building permits for an extension to your residential building. The tasks that land surveyors can be hired for include updating property limits, the recording of measurements and survey findings in official maps as well as collaborations with other professionals, such as architects and geographers, so a good land surveyor has vast knowledge of state law, of mathematical concepts as well as of the computer systems and devices used for performing specialized tasks.

To ensure that the measurements and processes performed by your Colorado land surveyor are accurate and in compliance with all the legal and professional requirements, you first of all need to make sure that the surveyor you work with is the best, indeed. Here are some tips how to find that outstanding expert.

Turn to Your Title Company

Title companies – the firms that verify the legitimacy of real estate titles – usually work with experienced land surveyors. If you are already working with a title company, ask them to recommend you a surveyor – the person they indicate will probably be a knowledgeable and reliable professional.

Check for the Right Specialist Online

Many land surveyors provide their services through their own business and they usually have their own websites as well. With a simple query entered into your browser, you will find numerous land surveyor websites that you should check one by one to find out about the surveyor’s experience and specialties.

Check Licensing and Insurance

To be able to provide surveying services, your Colorado land surveying specialist needs to carry a state-issued license as well as a general liability insurance. The experts recommended by title companies are usually properly licensed and insured, but if you find the specialist through your own research, you should ask the surveyor to show you copies of their relevant credentials. You can also find information related to a particular surveyor’s license on the state licensing board website – if you cannot find information about the license of the surveyor you are planning to use, move on and continue searching.

Contact and Interview Multiple Surveyors

It is very important to have a lengthy discussion with the professionals you consider suitable before you pick the expert to work with. During that conversation, ask the surveyor about their field of expertise, whether they work mostly on commercial or residential projects, whether they have experience with the particular tasks that you need help with. Ask about the surveyor’s longevity in the business as well as about their other certifications. Any specializations, courses and workshops that the professional has attended and is planning to attend indicate commitment to professionalism and to lifelong learning, both being essential in a field in which legislation is changing all the time and new technologies emerge day by day to make work processes more efficient and measurements more accurate.


Tips for Finding the Best Colorado Land Surveyor