commercial surveillance systems Denver

It is quite clear to everyone that video surveillance systems have become more and more popular, whether it is about supervising your home, a business, an institution or a construction site.

Since the multitude and variety of commercial surveillance systems Denver businesses offer can be overwhelming for any potential buyer, here are some tips that can help you selecting the video surveillance system for your business. A well-informed future user will be able to choose the best video monitoring solution for their situation without making unnecessary purchases that exceed both their budget and their real needs. By doing so, you can prevent unpleasant incidents and monitor everything happens in a location, when you are not there.

In order to successfully fulfill its purpose you have to make sure that the chosen equipment is best suited for your business. Also, only a complete system that contains video cameras, DVR (the recorder), hard drive (for storing video transmission), cables and other useful accessories that are positioned correctly, will work at full capacity and allow you to keep an eye of your business even when you are not directly present. Currently, there are many models and kits on the market, and their price is affordable. In order to make the best decision, you need to keep in mind some important criteria that we will detail below.

Location and number of cameras and channels

Before shopping for a security camera system, think carefully where and for what reasons you will use the kit: indoor or outdoor, in how many locations/ rooms, in which angles, to capture images by day or by night etc. This way, you can determine the number of cameras you need and what type of DVR supports their connection.

Image quality

The clarity of the rendered images is one of the most important criteria of choice when it comes to video surveillance equipment. Depending on the budget and the purpose of monitoring, you have a choice between a small (TVL), medium (1-2 megapixel, HD) or high (3 megapixel, Full HD) kit. If you want quality records that capture details even on long distances, you should opt for a higher number of megapixels.


Not only the number of channels in a DVR is important, but also the ability to add a hard disk for storing videos, as these devices do not have their own memory. A high quality hard disk drive with a high storage capacity ensures continuity in your recordings.


If you want efficient equipment that will help you monitor your business even during the night, both indoor and outdoor, choose a system with infrared led cameras. Depending on the model, they can record quality images over longer or shorter distances.

Application for rendering images on other devices

Many of the currently marketed cameras can be connected wirelessly, via specific applications and the internet, with your phone or other mobile devices. This gives you the ability to supervise your business in real time, no matter where you are. So, if you want to have access to recordings at all times and view what’s happening in the supervised perimeter, choose such a system.



Tips for Finding a Security Camera System for Your Business