If you own a property with a pool in Vegas and you find taking care of the pool exhausting and time consuming, it is time to hire experts to handle all those tedious chores for you. With a good pool company Las Vegas is home to, you can enjoy your pool without having to toil around it all the time – here are some of the services you can hire them for.




Maintenance for All Parts of Your Pool


When you think of pool service, it is probably cleaning that comes to your mind first. Indeed, cleaning the pool shell and the water are two of the most important maintenance tasks necessary to keep your pool in good condition and the time spent in the water enjoyable. The cleaning-related and general maintenance activities carried out by professional Las Vegas pool service companies include


  • Vacuuming the pool to remove any impurities that stick to the shell of the pool
  • Brushing the walls and the bottom for superior cleanliness
  • Cleaning the straining baskets and removing the debris that has accumulated in them
  • The inspection of filtering elements, cleaning or replacing them if necessary
  • The skimming of the water surface
  • Water quality checks and chemical adjustments
  • Seasonal maintenance to prepare the pool for periods when it is out of use and preparing the pool for being used again.


Repairs to Restore Your Pool’s Safety and Functionality


Besides the structural units that you see, pools have numerous other components that are not at display such as pumps, valves, filters. You cannot see these parts, but they can still go wrong and when they do, you need experts to fix them. The repair services provided by local pool companies include


  • Tile repairs or other repairs of the pool’s cladding such as plaster repair
  • Filter, pump and valve repairs
  • Repairs of the automated control system
  • Heater repairs
  • Repairs of the piping system that supplies the pool with water and drains the water, too
  • The inspection and repair of water levelers
  • Checking for cracks and fixing them
  • The repair of chlorinators to maintain the chemical composition of the water stable and safe.


Pool Modernization

If your pool is old and you would like to refresh its looks and its functionality, local pool services can help you in that department as well. Maybe you want only new tiles and a few upgrades such as new handles, maybe you want more extensive upgrades, such as making the pool deeper or wider, maybe you are looking for a more efficient water circulation system – whatever your project, local pool service companies will know how to choose the materials that best fit your project and how to update your pool the way you want.


Las Vegas pool companies offer a wide range of pool modernization services that usually include upgrades of the equipment above ground and of the pipes, resurfacing and tile repairs, so if you have new design ideas in mind, local technicians and engineers will know how to make those ideas reality.

Las Vegas Pool Service Companies and the Benefits of Their Services