There are many companies offering quality roofing options and reliable services designed particularly for commercial purposes. While many roofers are well-versed in dealing with both residential and commercial roofing, some lean more towards commercial solutions such as EPDM rubber roofing or modified Bitumen.


These are the experts you should look for whenever you want to take care of an extensive roof installation project for one of your buildings, or take care of repairs the right way.


Certifications and Reliability


Before trying to find the most resourceful local roofing contractors, it is essential that you make sure you only look through certified and experienced roofers who know all about commercial roofing.


Displayed on most roofing companies’ websites you will find not only information about their track record, testimonials and services, but also about their certifications. For commercial roofing CT roofers, look for mentions of affiliations and certifications from organizations such as the Associated Builders & Contractors, CERTA – NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association), or the North East Roofing Contractors Association.


Moreover, if you look through local reviews you may find homeowners and business owners who have dealt with a particular company in the past, and can tell you of what to expect from their services based on 10-20 years’ worth of experience.


Quality Roofing Options


A diverse range of Connecticut commercial roofing options are available as part of the services offered by local roofers for any particular purpose. Both roofing and exterior restoration of commercial buildings can be purchased at an affordable cost. You can benefit from:


  • Repairs and installation work for traditional style shingle and slate roofing;
  • Cutting edge roofing options with single and multiple-ply roof installation, as well as options for custom sheet metal, Bitumen and liquid roofing;
  • Advanced exterior restoration for brick, concrete and stone;
  • Siding and insulation repair, installation and maintenance solutions;
  • Immediate emergency roof repair services and maintenance plans for long term care;
  • Pressure cleaning and snow removal services.


Depending on the roofing service you talk to, some of these services may be replaced with others, or some might even be missing. However, depending on what you need specifically, it can be far better to rely on a roofer who specializes in 3-4 basic roofing services, rather than a company that does it all.


Getting the Best Value for Your Money


Getting the maximum value from Connecticut commercial roofing options simply implies getting to know your local roofers and comparing their skills, services and track record to find only the best ones available.


To find a roofing contractor that specializes in commercial solutions, it’s important, first of all, to look through their website, portfolio and the list of services they offer to determine whether or not they would be the right choice for your project.


The cost should usually fall in the background at first. Roofing contractors are not all the same, and some will offer cheaper services than others. However, you always have to pay more attention to the actual skill and workmanship they offer, as well as issues such as insurance, warranties, the quality of the materials they use and the technological advancement of the roofing systems they install.


Gathering information on these topics about all the Connecticut roofers in your area will help you eliminate any kind of guesswork and make sure you won’t have to pay double or even triple the price of a normal roof just because you tried to initially hire the cheapest service.

Connecticut Commercial Roofing Options to Look for at the Best Local Roofers