Andersen replacement doors

If you are currently looking for door replacement solutions that work perfectly for your home and that also meet your expectations in terms of durability, style and door type, you have surely come across the name Andersen already. Wherever you search, whether you rely on the recommendation of local door companies or on the information you find online, Andersen products are highly appreciated. Here are some of the qualities that account for that popularity.


Door Solutions of All Types and for All Requirements

Whatever door type you are looking for, you can find at least a couple of options in the Andersen range. Whether you need interior doors to ensure the privacy of your rooms or doors that serve as important design components in your home while also fulfilling a functional role, such as special interior doors that connect the living room and the dining rooms or you are looking for a patio door to create a stylish transition between your interior and exterior spaces or for front door that creates a welcoming atmosphere and protects the security and the privacy of your entire home, Andersen will give you the right options.

The Types of Doors Offered by Andersen

When it comes to door types, the main categories offered by Andersen are entry doors, a patio door range that encompasses French doors, gliding doors as well as hinged variants, storm doors and storm screens. They also offer a special category, Big doors, that include moving glass wall solutions, with great systems that fold, pivot or slide and a set of Coastal products that include several storm and hurricane resistant patio door models.

Door Materials and Series

The options for Andersen replacement doors is varied when it comes to the materials that the customer can choose from. The main material categories include wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and a special type of composite, Andersen’s Fibrex material, a material that consists of wood fibers in a proportion of 40% and 60% of thermoplastic polymer for superior energy efficiency, resistance and strength.

Doors in the Andersen range are organized into series. The E-series is comprised of doors made from aluminum-clad wood for superior energy-efficiency, strength and durability and offering a choice of 50 different standard colors and personalized finishes; the A-series combine the beauty of natural wood on the interior with the strength of fiberglass and composite on the exterior and the other series, such as the 400, the 200 and the 100 series also offer a wide range of special features.

Help with the Selection as well as with the Installation

Andersen pays special attention to what their customers need when it comes to the selection of the right products. The design tool they make available on their official website can be used to select the patio door, the entry door or the storm door that works best for the customer’s requirements. Customers can also consult Andersen’s online help center for further assistance and details regarding warranties, maintenance, replacement parts and lots of other issues.

Andersen Replacement Doors: What Are the Advantages?