Hotels have many high-traffic areas and they also have a high guest turnover, which puts these facilities at a high risk of bed bug infestations. Any such contamination also has severe consequences for the reputations of hotels – while in the case of a bed bug infestation in a home, the decontamination can go quietly, in the case of hotels, rumors of the problem spread quickly, so bed bugs harm not only the guests of the hotel, but its reputation as well.

The removal of bed bug infestation is also more difficult in the case of buildings that have lots of rooms, so the cleaning process needs to be handled by professionals. Here are some methods used by pest control companies to detect bugs.

Preliminary Discussion

Before the pest control company performs the scheduled inspection, a representative of the company will meet with hotel staff to find out how the suspicion for bed bugs has arisen and about the places where the infestation has the highest likelihood.

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The Inspection

The first step towards actually removing the bed bugs is inspection. The pest control team will perform a detailed visual inspection of the high-risk areas, then of the areas that are not as high-risk, but need to be bug-free at all time. The technicians will check all the areas where bed bugs can hide, including the mattresses, the drawers, the chairs and any other piece of furniture that might serve as home for the bugs.

Many companies today use bed bug sniffer dog Denver pest control agents that have received special training to detect bed bugs and to signal the presence of bugs to the handler. The method might seem unusual, but it is very efficient and very accurate – the special dogs can sniff out bugs without requiring the technicians to remove everything from the room for the inspection.

After the inspection, the pest control company will issue a report that summarizes all the findings of the checks and in which they will recommend the most adequate removal method.

The Removal of the Bed Bugs

The bed bugs will need to be eliminated, but that is not enough – the entry points through which the pests might have found their way into the rooms also need to be sealed and closed. The pest removal company will perform a thorough cleaning of the affected areas with the help of special, very efficient, professional tools and substances, such as steaming, heat chambers and eco-friendly chemicals. They will also seal the holes, cracks and crevices through which bugs could return. In the elimination phase, they will remove not only adult bugs, but eggs and bugs in intermediary life stages.

Final Thoughts

Preventing the appearance of bed bugs is possible only through very thorough cleanliness and regular inspections in the areas that are at risk. Unfortunately, in a hotel, it is not possible to remove mattresses and drawers and to deep-clean the carpets after every guest, but every hotel should implement extra deep cleaning sessions regularly to remove any bed bugs when the colonies are still small.

What Are the Best Ways to Detect Bed Bugs in A Hotel?